Doan Khac Do

Lawyer Doan Khac Do

Mobile: 0903 168 986


Members of organizations:

  • Vietnam Bar Federation;
  • Bar Association of Ho Chi Minh City;
  • Sai Gon Asia Law Company.


LLawyer Doan Khac Do has many years working in legal departments of companies involving in aspects of labor, civil affairs, commerce , investment and business laws. Lawyer Do has been successfully participated in the legal proceedings at many Courts of First Hearing and the Court sof Appeal for commercial, administrative, labor, land, marriage and family cases.

Especially in the aspect of labor, Lawyer Doan Khac Do is one of the leading experts in consulting solutions for manpower restructuring in case of structural change, technology or economic reasons. He is excellent in consultancy on drafting internal labor regulations suitable for each type of enterprises, as well as on drafting labor contracts and confidentiality agreements. In addition, he has good skills to reconcile effectively the complex labor disputes.

Lawyer Do is regularly invited to give lectures on labor law, contract law in industrial zones, business associations in Ho Chi Minh City and the East and South Westof Viet Nam.

Lawyer Do has many excellent legal analysis articles on the aspects of labor, business, commerce, civil affairs, criminal administration in prestigious newspapers and specialized magazines which many readers appreciated.